A remake of The Crow is currently in production and it’s going to star the savagely charismatic Jason Momoa. While the actor has starred in more than a couple of breakthrough TV and film roles, none of those roles have truly catapulted the actor into A-list stardom. Could this finally be the role that he’s been waiting for?

As Jason Momoa approaches his 20th year in the entertainment industry, The Crow might just be the role to cement his place as an A-list action star.

The 2019 remake of The Crow is aiming to be more faithful to the original 1989 comic book created by James O’Barr. The graphic novel is a favorite amongst comic book fans and was the inspiration for the first Crow film.

The original film starring Bruce Lee’s son Brandon, while only grossing $50.7 million domestically, became a cult hit for its gothic storytelling and violent action. Unfortunately, Lee died during the making of the film when he was accidentally shot with a defective blank bullet.