There’s nothing more thrilling to me than a good sword fight in a movie. There’s something about it that really calls up all the images of heroes that I have.

To me a hero should know how to fight with a sword. It’s an honorable way to dispose of opponents. It requires skill, unlike fighting with a gun. That’s why I love samurai movies so much.

This is a scene from one of the blind swordsman movies. A whole series of these movies where made. Sato-Ichi is a popular character of Japanese legend. The whole idea of a blind man being able to fight with a sword embodies the principles of the martial arts perfectly.

You are reacting to the intention of the adversary, to his desire to attack you. Sometimes your eyes my fool you. Ichi doesn’t have that problem.

The techniques in this scene are flawless. And on top of everything, the actor playing Ichi is also playing blind. Its is a superb performance. Enjoy: