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my world cinema/shaw brothers movies/kung fu/dvd collection

since the age of 12/13yrs old i started collecting Jackie Chan films on vhs around 1995/96 with my hard earned…

10 Kung Fu movies You Should Own – part 1

A list of 10 kung fu movies, i love and think you guys would too. If you like any of…

Top 50 Kung Fu Movies (My Top 50 Must See Kung Fu Movies).wmv

If your a fan of kung fu movies but you are unsure which ones have good fights, good cast, comedy…

best martial arts movie ever

forget bruce lee this guy is the true master.

My Top 20 Must See Kung Fu Movies 5 – 1 (Part 4 of 4)

PLEASE READ: Cynical losers/fanboys with negative comments will be blocked and comments deleted!!! After so long I manage to chop,…

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