If you are looking for a ticking time bomb of an action-thriller film that will get your insides in a proverbial twist, then this is the film for you!

The Man From Nowhere, released in South Korea as Ajeossi, is a story about a simple, yet mysterious pawn shop owner from China (played by Korean actor Bon Win known also for Mother (not the American horror film) and Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War) who befriends a young 10 year old girl that lives in his building with her drug-addicted mother who abuses and neglects her.

The little girl’s name is Somi (played by Sae-ron Kim also known for A Girl at my Door and A Brand New Life) who gives a heartbreaking performance as the practically homeless Somi, and she is so sweet, you can not imagine anyone ever mistreating this child, and that is the very element of her character that allows Bon Win’s Cha Tae-sik to reluctantly look out for her from time to time.